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Merge Dragons Hack Cheats: Tips and Strategy Guide

Once upon a time, mighty dragons were living in harmony worldwide of Dragonia. 1 day, the evil Zomblins covered the vale in a deep shroud, and also the acreage at last withered away. Today, it is up to help you to bring Dragonia to the former glory of its in Merge Dragons, a mystical puzzle adventure game. Our Merge Dragons cheats and suggestions are going to show you the way to breathe life into the area and create a great dragon camp!

Merge Dragons is easy game and a fun to buy into, but there is a great deal to keep you in. The addictive merging gameplay, the ever growing dragon camp - there is plenty to do right here, so we need to get going with our Merge Dragons cheats, tricks and tips strategy guide!

Stick to the Quest Stars closely!

When you unlock the Camp, you will begin with quite a small inventory and store selection. In order to grow the options of yours, you will have to finish the Quest Stars, and they are particular goals linked with the current level of yours. Completing all three quests are going to bump you up to the subsequent rank, and you will get brand new set of quests along with unlocking things that are new.

It is crucial you do not proceed carelessly on these quests. Follow them carefully and do not do things until you are expected to do them. Quest Stars are not retroactive, which means you will not get recognition for doing stuff you have completed until you have in fact become the quest for it.

Pull off of items from old land with merging!

This's a method you will find out within the first Grassy stages, though it is important so it bears repeating! One technique of healing old land is merging together with the items already on it.

You cannot move items which are on dead land, though you are able to merge with them, therefore pile on nearby objects. If you manage to merge making use of this technique, the area will be healed along the way.

This's actually really vital because later on you are going to encounter Super Dead Land, that can't be healed through regular means. To cure Super Dead Land, you have to heal through the merging method which uses the item in addition to the area in question.

Use your Dragons quickly!

In the camp, you are able to start using the dragons of yours to pick items the same as you'd ordinarily. Nevertheless, unlike the normal levels, the dragons in your camp have endurance and also invest it every time they pick something. Earlier on your baby dragons will not have that much power, therefore they will tire after a few of harvests and should retire to the nests of theirs to rest.

With said, in case you are preparing to have something done on the camp of yours, make sure that you get it done easily! If left alone for way too long, dragons will begin to harvest items on their own. Brambles, living flowers, whatever - in case it is there, they will go to it ultimately. They are going to expend all of the stamina doing this, as make certain you command them instantly.

Do not allow your treasures go to waste!

By the time you can the camp of yours, you'll likely be near your starting gold cap, that is hundred gold. See to it that you invest several of it instantly, as you will have the ability to generate that back quickly by getting coins in the amounts. When you hit level seven, you will have the ability to develop the components which increase maximum gold cap.

Do not overlook the timed treasure chests either! During the reward choice at the conclusion of any level, you will instantly got a timed treasure chest. You are able to just keep as many as 3 of these and you have to delay several hours for them to start. They contain coins, plant life, as well as sometimes dragon eggs.

Nevertheless, in case you beat a quality and also you currently have 3 chests, the additional chest will disappear. When you are awaiting a chest to open, why don't you take a rest out of the game and regrow when it is finished?